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1864 Treasury Bond Purchase receipt.jpeg

June 18, 1864 Treasury Deposit Receipt for Five Percent Bonds


This receipt was in exchange for a deposit of $25,000 in Assistant Treasurers Certificates as payment for five percent "Ten-Forty" bonds to be delivered when ready

1875 Treasury Department Circular No. 23

    Notice to call the "Five-twenty Bonds"  

1881 Treasury Department Circular No. 52

    Notice to call the 5% bond issue of 1870 & 1871    


The Treasury Department periodically issued Circulars to publicize various actions it was undertaking.  This particular redemption was for a 5% bond issue of July 14, 1870 and January 20, 1871.  The Circular provides instructions for coupon and registered holders on the bond redemption, along with foreign holders of the obligation.

1882 Treasury Department Circular No. 60

    Redemption of The Loan of March 3, 1863 

1884 Treasury Department Circular No. 153

    Redemption of The Three Percent Loan of 1882   

1884 Treasury Bond Vault Pass.jpg

1884 Treasury Department 

    Bond Vault Visitors' Pass

1886 Treasury Department Circular No. 171

    Redemption of The Three Percent Loan of 1882   

1894 Letter from the Sec of Treasury to
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June 23, 1888  Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury

  Concerning Government Bonds Offered For Sale    


This is the full statement outlining the amounts of government bonds offered for sale, as well as purchase information, from the period of April 23rd to June 15th of that year.  The document was part of the Senate record of the 50th Congress, 1st Session.



February 7, 1894 Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury

  Concerning Government Bonds Offered For Sale    


This letter was the Treasury Department's response to a Senate Resolution concerning information about the sale of government bonds to be issued that year. The document was part of the Senate record of the 53rd Congress, 2nd Session.



1891 Treasury Department Form No. 30

    Notice to Holders of Registered 4.5% Funded Loan of 1891   


This Treasury Department document related certain rules governing the registered bonds of this 1891 loan issue. This security had four regular interest payments per year, which meant that there were limited time frames whereby the Treasury would open and close their Transfer Books.  Unlike bearer bonds, registered securities had ownership information which was kept by the government, specifically names and addresses of bondholders.

1927 Treasury Dept Circular No. 381 copy

1927 Treasury Department Circular No. 381

    Redemption of The Second Liberty Loan, May 9, 1927

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