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Presented here are examples of publications relating to the national debt and U.S. Government securities.  Included are historic examples of volumes printed by brokerage houses trading in Treasury Bonds.

1861 Memoranda Concerning Govt Bonds (fr
1861 Memoranda Concerning Govt Bonds Tit

Memoranda Concerning Government Bonds

by Fisk & Hatch, NY, 1861

This work, published by the banking firm of Fisk & Hatch, concerns various bonds in the U.S. Treasury market.  Fisk & Hatch was located on Wall Street, and was instrumental in maintaining the government's credit during the Civil War though its bond business.  Fisk & Hatch was a leading trader of Treasury Bonds, and an issued example of a coupon Bond owned by the firm can be found within 

The Herbstman Collection.

Title Page

United States Bonds and Securities

by Belding, Keith & Co., 1867 edition

This volume served as a mid-19th Century guide to outstanding U.S. government securities.  It was written by the firm of Belding, Keith & Co., bankers and merchants based out of London.  The volume also contained information on currency exchange as well as other financial information relevant to trading in various financial instruments.

Title Page

Title Page

The American Bond Detector and Complete History of Government Securities

by The American Bond Detector and Currency Detector Company, Washington D.C., 1869

This volume was a specialized tool for bankers and financial professionals to aide in the detection of counterfeits.  Published under the sanction of the Treasury Department, the book contains color plates and descriptions of Treasury issues from 1861-1868, along with color plates depicting U.S. coins.

Memoranda Concerning Government Bonds

by Fisk & Hatch, NY, 1878

This volume is an updated work to the earlier example presented above.

A gift from the family of Lawrence Schuffman

1905 Bond Value & Interest Tables Bookle

Bond Value Interest And Yield Tables

by Germania Savings Bank and Trust Company, 1905

Containing interest rate tables and corresponding bond yields, this small pocket reference was freely distributed by the Germania Savings Bank and Trust Company of New Orleans.

Victory and Other Liberty Loan Acts

by Bankers Trust Company Publications, 1919

This work covers the various Liberty Loan Acts, as well as federal bond issues prior to the First World War.  Bankers Trust Company of NY served customers throughout the country, and was considered a "banker's bank."

A gift from the family of Lawrence Schuffman

Title Page

Coffin's Interest Tables

by John E. Coffin, Philadelphia, 1923

This work, published by the Jon C. Winston Company, presents bond interest calculation tables for Treasuries, including the then outstanding Liberty Loan issues.

Concerning U.S. Government Securities

by C.F. Childs, 1947, First Edition

This work covers both currency as well as outstanding U.S. Treasury securities.  C.F. Childs was President of the eponymously named Chicago-based bond house, and this volume was written in response to a request from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Title Page

CME 91-Day U.S. Treasury Bill Book

Discount / Rate/ Price Book


This book, issued by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, was a typical guide used by bond traders to quickly access various information needed to actively trade 91 day (13 week) U.S. Treasury Bills. With the proliferation of computer technology, such guide books are no longer needed by bond traders.

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